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Washing & Detailing

  • Napsbury Lane

Service Description

Introducing our car washing and detailing bay, where meticulous care meets automotive transformation. Step into a realm of revitalisation, where vehicles regain their showroom glory. From the gentle touch of hand washing to the precision of paint correction, each step is tailored to unveil the true beauty of your vehicle. Immerse yourself in an oasis of automotive pampering, where attention to detail reigns supreme. Whether it's a quick refresh or a comprehensive rejuvenation, our car washing and detailing bay is your gateway to a stunning and head-turning ride. £50 - Maintenance Wash w/ Hoover (1Hr) Basic, yet gleaming full exterior wash & interior hoover £70 - Deep Maintenance Wash (1.5Hr) Previous package, including: - Arches Cleaned - Wheel Barrels Cleaned - Wheels Ceramic Sealed - Interior Cleaned - Engine Bay Cleaned £115 - Interior & Exterior Decon (2Hr) Previous package, including: - Paintwork Decontaminated - Interior Upholstery Stains Removed - Full Exterior Ceramic Sealant £250 - Deep, Deep Clean (3/4Hr) Ideal for messy workers vans, - Full Exterior Deep Clean - Full Interior Deep Clean - Interior Upholstery Stains Removed £300+ Clay, Cut, Polish (Full Day) Elevate your vehicle to a new level of brilliance and elegance. Our meticulous process begins with a thorough cleaning to remove dirt and impurities, followed by skilled paint correction to restore a flawless finish. Then apply premium polishes and protective coatings, enhancing your vehicle's looks and shielding it from the elements. From the gleaming exterior to the revitalised interior, every surface is treated with precision and care. Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a spotless vehicle. £50 - Headlight Restoration (1Hr) Failed your M.O.T for faded headlamps? Or just looking to bring back that showroom shine? We've got you! We'll use a combination of professional products and techniques to bring your headlamps back to life.

Cancellation Policy

Please note if your booking is less than 24hrs ahead we may be fully booked and the booking may not be available, please call on the morning of appointment to check.

Contact Details

  • Chapman Auto Services, Napsbury Lane, St Albans, UK

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