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The Racingline Performance Oil Filter Housing is beautifully over-engineered in customary Racingline Performance fashion to give an exquisite feel and exceptional product experience.

Made to match the OEM dimensions, right down to the original factory size Hex Nut. 
Racingline's Filter housing accepts the factory engine oil filter, to maintain simplicity and keep that OEM fitment for all your future oil changes. 

The OEM Filter housings are known for cracking during removal, so why not upgrade to this billet version that quite litterally can't fail! 

Fitting is straight forward and best done in conjunction with an Oil and Filter change.

Just remove the existing housing, remove the oil filter stem, remove the rubber O-ring, fit both onto your new housing, and fit back in place.

Racingline Performance Oil Filter Housing - 1.8T / 2.0T EA888

SKU: VWR19G706
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